Hi, I’m Christine and I love life! I’m a Christian, wife, YoungLife supporter, adventure seeker, food lover and crazy dog person. I live in Broomfield with my amazing husband, Jordan, and our hilarious bearded dog, Libby. Whether we’re hitting the slopes in the winter, scuba diving in the tropics or just sitting on our sofa watching a movie, life is about making memories and enjoying it with our favorite people!

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet, is my love for photography! The amazing thing about photography is it preserves our memories forever! It allows us to freeze a moment in time so we can never forget. Photos are more than just art for your home, it’s a gift for yourself, your children and their children.

As a photographer, it’s my goal that you love your photos, display them in your home and cherish them for years to come. So if you think I might be the kind of photographer you’ve been looking for, hit me up and I’d love to chat and answer any questions you might have. I have a studio in Broomfield or we can shoot on location; it’s up to you.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by andI’ll talk to you soon!

- Christine